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‘The Sky is Pink’ review: Priyanka, Farhan starrer will make you appreciate all you have in life

For a film that is based on the demise of the protagonist, 18-year old Aisha Chaudhary (this is not a spoiler, considering as how we are hit with the news two or three minutes into the opening), ‘The Sky Is Pink’ is wonderfully entertaining in parts, with a carefree, yet genuine, take on life, love and misfortune.

Coordinated by National Award-winning producer Shonali Bose (Margarita with a ‘Straw’, ‘Amu’, ‘Chittagong’), the Priyanka Chopra-Farhan Akhtar starrer depends on the genuine story of the Chaudhary family as told through the eyes of their girl Aisha (played with incredible amusingness by Zaira Wasim), who is brought into the world with an auto safe lack that prompts aspiratory fibrosis.

The Sky is Pink (2019)

Genuine dramatizations can be truly testing to expedite to the big screen, uniquely when the family on whom the motion picture is based are still near. Yet, Bose does such an amazing activity of bringing the group of spectators into the lives of Aditi (Priyanka Chopra) and Niren (Farhan Akhtar) in Delhi and London, that you feel as though you are as much put resources into their lives as the close family. It additionally helps that the whole motion picture is described by Wasim’s character, with dabs of cleverness and whimsical references to her folks’ life.

Strangely enough the title, ‘The Sky Is Pink’, originates from their child Ishaan’s (Rohit Saraf) insistence on painting his sky pink while at school a lot to his craft instructor’s vexation. As his mother Aditi lets him know, “You can paint the sky whatever shading you need it to be. Not every person’s sky is essentially blue.”

The message being, obviously, that we have the opportunity to paint our lives in whatever tints we need it to be. It’s a way of thinking that is reaffirmed toward the finish of the film when we are demonstrated the genuine Aisha’s TED Talk where the inspirational orator entreats the crowd to consistently remain cheerful. In Aisha’s own words, “if demise is a definitive truth, the main thing that issues at this moment, is to be really upbeat.”

Priyanka, Farhan, Zaira, and Rohit are consummately thrown in this passionate family dramatization, with each carrying their very own center ability to the table. Together they are an imposing foursome. Despite the fact that there are times when Priyanka’s character, Aditi, appears to be the more forceful and more grounded power, Niren is ready to stand his ground, as are Ishaan and Aisha.

‘The Sky is Pink’ is a real existence attesting motion picture, which will make them sob your heart out one moment, and roaring with laughter the following, and however on occasion you may feel the tears taking steps to assume control over your motion picture watching knowledge, trust us, this is one film which will cause you to welcome all that you have in your life and above all make you need to hold your friends and family closer.


The Sky Is Pink is the mind-blowing romantic tale of a couple crossing 25 years, told through the viewpoint of their high school girl. She is cheeky, cynical, spunky and also…dead. A reality she unresponsively makes reference to at the very start. “Get over it. It’s very cool really. You’ll see when you arrive (which you do realize you will right?!)” Unexpectedly hilarious, warm and awful at the same time as the enchantment of life and magnificence of death show in one family’s abnormal, gallant voyage in this 100% genuine story.


Shonali Bose


Shonali Bose, Nilesh Maniyar


Zaira Wasim, Priyanka Chopra, 
Farhan Akhtar | See full cast & crew


Zaira Wasim Zaira Wasim Aisha Chaudhary
Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra Aditi Chaudhary
Farhan Akhtar Farhan Akhtar Niren Chaudhary
Rohit Saraf Rohit Saraf Ishaan Chaudhary
Brian Nathan Brian Nathan Or Attendent
Sammy John Heaney Sammy John Heaney


  The Sky is Pink (2019) From Here – 480p, 720p Full HD  

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