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STRANGE BUT TRUE Will Shock and Jaw Drop

Coming to Bluray and Digital from executive Rowan Athale, CBS Films and Lionsgate is a family in grieving until a stun thumps on their entryway with a story that is STRANGE BUT TRUE.

It has been five years and Philip (Nick Robinson) is a youngster manage the passing of his sibling Ronnie (Connor Jessup) and how it has impact mother Charlene (Amy Ryan) and offended father Richard (Greg Kinnear). Making things all the more fascinating is the thump on the entryway by Melissa (Margaret Qualley), Ronnie’s better half at the hour of his demise.

Strange But True (2019)

The stun is that Melissa is extremely pregnant and tells Charlene and Philip that the dad is Ronnie. Incapable to clarify why she trusts it, Charlene promptly goes into oddity out mode. Attempting to comprehend why she would make up such a story, Charlene starts to inquire about her point of view.

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Meanwhile, Melissa is living in a little house on the property of companions Gail (Blythe Danner) and spouse Bill (Brian Cox). The couple considers her to be the little girl they never had and are perplexed about her purpose behind keeping the character of the infant’s dad from them.

Philip starts to companion Melissa and needs to help, particularly on the grounds that she could be coming clean about the infant’s paternity. Charlene contacts Richard attempting to discover answers since he is a specialist. They can’t resist the urge to rage at each other in view of the hurt emotions and ill will that has become throughout the years between the two.

That doesn’t prevent Charlene from gradually discounting situations however the insider facts are beginning to gradually disentangle without anyone else. In its cross are Philip, Melissa, and reality with regards to her infant!

Robinson as Philip is a youngster managing the demise of his sibling yet getting his own life turned meanwhile. That is the reason he contacts Melissa as an association with Ronnie by somebody who thought about him the same amount as he did. Robinson has a scene where he at last stands in opposition to his sentiments and it is brimming with every one of the feelings his character has been keeping covered up, this youthful entertainer nails it.

Ryan as Charlene is loaded with displeasure for both the passing of her child and the demise of her marriage. Ronnie’s sweetheart is the last individual she needs to see not to mention observe her pregnant with a tale about paternity. Ryan gives this character honest annoyance and feelings of a mother who can’t discover a spot for her despondency. Kinnear as Richard searches for comfort from his sadness a long way from home and with another person. He has insider facts of his own and the inquiry is how much longer can he kept them covered up?

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Qualley as Melissa accepts what she accepts and doesn’t fret about whether anybody confides in her promise. She realizes that her fellowship with Gayle and Bill will give her an opportunity to have her child and go from that point. Danner as Gayle is a cherishing companion who never had offspring of her own. Friending Melissa makes her vibe as though she gets an opportunity to be nurturing. Danner is constantly power on the screen regardless of if it’s huge or little. Cox as Bill adores his better half beyond all doubt and lets her know it. His anxiety for Melissa is ever-present and considers her to be as something euphoric for Gayle and that is significant for him. Cox isn’t upfront in the film yet his essence is tangible.

Others give incorporate Janaya Stephens a role as Pilla, Mena Massoud as Chaz, Sarah Allen as Holly, Darryl Flatman as Vaughn and Allegra Fulton as Chantrel.

Lionsgate is a worldwide innovator in movie creation and circulation for theaters, TV, home diversion and the sky is the limit from there. Theater establishments incorporate THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT alongside JOHN WICK. Presently, adding this film to its 16,000 movie and TV titles you can see everything coming soon just as accessible now at

Odd BUT TRUE is a film that has such a significant number of wanders aimlessly one could without much of a stretch get whiplash. In the blend of sadness and outrage are two stories that will consolidate however not with a closure anybody would anticipate. This is an intriguing cast that has been assembled to recount to the story in light of the fact that as every mystery turns out, the response and next mystery just muddies the waters again so very much done.

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Blink don’t as well or the associations will fly by and don’t make an excess of commotion eating popcorn or you won’t hear what is stunning or you’ll overlook you have a mouth brimming with popcorn on the grounds that your jaw will drop. Odd BUT TRUE is strengthens what happens when a family has privileged insights, discloses to themselves lies and let outrage control each move.


A lady who, five years after the awful demise of her sweetheart, lands on the doorstep of his family to reveal to them she is pregnant with his kid. In spite of the fact that doubtful, the family winds up attempting to demonstrate her right, just to find that in all actuality considerably more frightening than they could have envisioned. Composed by Front Row Filmed Entertainment


Rowan Athale


Eric Garcia (screenplay by), John Searles (based on the novel by)


Nick Robinson, Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear

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Nick Robinson Nick Robinson Philip
Amy Ryan Amy Ryan Charlene
Greg Kinnear Greg Kinnear Richard
Brian Cox Brian Cox Bill
Margaret Qualley Margaret Qualley Melissa
Connor Jessup Connor Jessup Ronnie
Blythe Danner Blythe Danner Gail
Janaya Stephens Janaya Stephens Pilla
Mena Massoud Mena Massoud Chaz
Sarah Allen Sarah Allen Holly
Allegra Fulton Allegra Fulton Chantrel
Dipal Patel Dipal Patel Intern
Darryl Flatman Darryl Flatman Vaughn
Noah Denver Noah Denver Friend
Christy Bruce Christy Bruce Nurse

 Strange But True (2019) From Here – 480p, 720p Full HD  


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