Viral Lady 2019 – Ranu Mondal Biography, Family,Age,Birth & Etc

Real Name Renu Ray (Also known as Renu Mandal)(Ranu Mondal)
Born 10, October 1959
Hometown Ranaghat, West Bengal
Favorite Singer Lata Mangeshkar
Genre Melodious Songs
Her Role Model Lata Mangeshkar
Achievement Became popular singer overnight by just a single Video on Social Media.


Viral Lady 2019 Renu Mandal Biography, Family,Age,Birth & More
Viral Lady 2019 Renu Mandal Biography, Family,Age,Birth & More

Ranu Mondal is a sweet vocalist who has a spot with Ranaghat, West Bengal. Ranu was hitched to Babul Mondal of Mumbai and she moved to Mumbai after her marriage. After the end of her loved one, she returned to her town, Ranaghat, Westbengal. This was the most observably terrible time in the life of Ranu Mondal as she was fiscally poor. Ranu in like manner has one Daughter. Ranu’s Daughter stood away from her for around 10 Years as she couldn’t have cared less for her mother singing on Railway Platform. Regardless, After the achievement of Ranu, her Daughter returned.

Singing Journey of Renu Mandal

Exactly when Ranu Mondal was 20 Years old, she used to sing in Club. Around then she was known by name Ranu Bobby. She after a short time left singing in the club as her family couldn’t care less for this calling. After the death of her significant other, she returned to her town and started singing at Railway Station to get money for her living. Ranu used to sing at Ranaghat station in West Bengal which was seen by various anyway disregarded by all. Ranu consistently sang old tunes. One day a Software Engineer, Atindra Chakraborty saw her awesome voice. Atinder, make a video recording of her tune and put it by means of electronic systems administration media. In the Video Ranu was singing Lata Mangeshkar’s Song, “Ekk Pyar Ka Nagma Hai”. The Video got viral medium-term and her voice got outstandingly esteemed by regular residents and even by colossal Celebrities.

In the wake of seeing her omnipresence, Sony Entertainment TV Channel respected her to, Superstar Singer, Reality Show. Interested with her voice, during the show Himesh Reshammiya offered her song in his film. After a short time Himesh recorded a tune ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ with Ranu Mondal for his Movie, ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’. Atindra was similarly in the studio when Ranu was recording the tune for Himesh. After that Ranu got offers fortunes from various other Music Directors and got contracts for melodic shows. After Ranu’s accomplishment in Bollywood, her Daughter returned and recognized her singing calling.

Online life Profiles of Ranu Mondal

Instagram: Click here for Ranu Mondal Instagram Profile.

Facebook Ranu Mondal’s bona fide Facebook Page isn’t yet dispersed.

Ranu Mondaln Song With Himesh Reshammiya

Here is the video of Ranu Mondal and Himesh Reshammiya in the studio recording tune “Teri Meri Kahani”. Snap-on the thumbnail and Enjoy the video.



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