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My lake Full Movie | From Here – 480p, 720p Full HD

MY LAKE, or “my movie”, in spite of the fact that it is a true to life account in itself, is basically a standard story, common for its uncommon reality, unnatural for Albanian culture. For about …

My lake Full Movie


MY LAKE, or “my movie”, despite the fact that it is an artistic account in itself, is just a standard story, regular for its uncommon reality, unnatural for Albanian culture. For around three decades this equivalent leitmotif has proceeded with happened in some structure. Medication dealing, cash – Children are brought up with an atypical good code where making cash to lift you out of neediness, by illicit methods, by one way or another makes you a man. It makes you someone.

My lake Full Movie

My lake 2019

My lake full movie download

My lake full movie HD mp4

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 Gjergj Xhuvani


 Gjergj Xhuvani (screenplay)


 Ariton Pollozhani, Tristan Halilaj, Vedran Zivolic
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Ariton Pollozhani Ariton Pollozhani Kristo
Tristan Halilaj Tristan Halilaj Ismail
Vedran Zivolic Vedran Zivolic Pasko
Elia Zaharia Elia Zaharia Miranda
Luiza Xhuvani Luiza Xhuvani Pasko’ s mother
Birçe Hasko Birçe Hasko Grandfather
Juli Emiri Juli Emiri Ditka
Miriana Deti Miriana Deti Grandmother
Genti Haizizi Genti Haizizi Njaziu
Ilda Pepi Ilda Pepi The nurse
Goran Kristo Goran Kristo Goran
Kastriot Shehi Kastriot Shehi Police chief
Sonja Oshavkova Sonja Oshavkova Barmaid
Franceska Hysi Franceska Hysi The girl in night club
Shkelqim Jaupi Shkelqim Jaupi Father of goran

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