‘Like a Boss’ teams Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne in a light beauty-biz comedy

(CNN)Tiffany Haddish remains sought after, the tradeoff is that she isn’t always particularly discriminating about the jobs she takes. Enter “Like a Boss,” an R-rated gals-night-out satire that, thanks to the talented cast, conveys a couple of really amusing minutes, yet which falls two or three glasses of chardonnay shy of being a decent time.

Like a Boss (2020) Full Movie

The reason and title have a fairly nonexclusive sitcom feel, with a pair of chest pals who not just live respectively (“Is it bizarre that despite everything we’re roommates?” one asks) however who mutually run the beautifying agents start-up that they’ve launched.

The business, in any case, has hit hard occasions in spite of certain victories, compelling the prudent Mel (Rose Byrne) to goad Haddish’s creative master Mia to accept a suggestion from a beautifying agents giant run by imperious beauty maven Claire Luna, in what ends up being a succulent part for Salma Hayek, donning a flaming red mane.

Claire talks a decent game, pitching herself as the answer to their prayers. However inevitably, bringing an outsider into the business will test their companionship, creating the danger of driving a wedge between them.

That plays out chaotically however way too predictably, in a movie coordinated by Miguel Arteta (who worked with Hayek on the vastly different “Beatriz at Dinner) that betrays its clear want – based on the raunchier aspects, including loads of pot smoking and sex talk – to tap into the same vein that made “Bridesmaids” a hit; alas, the material doesn’t show those qualities reliably enough to sustain that vitality, essentially making a sporadic pledge to roughness.

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Fortunately, in addition to Hayek (who is compared to, among different things, Jessica Rabbit) the supporting cast incorporates the reliable Billy Porter and Jennifer Coolidge as Mia and Mel’s representatives, who bring ridiculousness to the movie at whatever point they’re around; and a hover of settled companions who for the most part irritate the main pair.

Shockingly, Byrne makes Mel something other than a straight woman for Haddish’s satire slashes, and the two share the essential science to sell this odd coupling, yet to acquire a makeup metaphor, it’s a slender foundation.

In that regard, “Like a Boss” looks like many a January release – a lightweight, 84-minute night out that won’t lose anything in the event that you wait and watch it with that aforementioned chardonnay, like a habitually lazy person.

“Like a Boss” debuts Jan. 10 in the US. It’s rated R.

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