How to Hide your WhatsApp Account | Now your family can’t see your private massages 2020

Dialer Vault can help you with concealing any application. Moreover, keep your security by disguising apps.You can open covered applications in Dialer Vault or interface of your phone.Also Dialer Vault gives covered picture work, your photographs import into the presentation, others can not see these photos.You can scrutinize guaranteed pictures in hider’s showcase.

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Application Hider is the best application for concealing various applications on GooglePlay, especially for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Application Hider is similarly an extraordinary application cloner for you to find a good pace from one device. More than that App Hider can cover photos and accounts and disguise App Hider itself by change itself into a Calculator. Our Featrues:

Stow away Apps:

Import application into App Hider which you have to conceal and a short time later uninstall that application from your Home structure.

Amazingly overhauled for social applications like: Whatsapp Instagram Facebook Messenger Telegram, etc.

Clone Apps (Dual Apps):

Access various records of your online life (Whatsapp Facebook… ) from one contraption.

You can go various records with your favored game on only a solitary contraption.

hate other application cloners our clones can continue running without the principal application presented on your device.

Stow away Photos (Hide Pictures) Hide Videos:

Import your photos to our hid show from your presentation

View and play your hid photos and chronicles truly from App Hider

Conceal Myself:

Application Hider can change itself into a Calculator Vault to verify your insurance in App Hider.

The Calculator Vault is a veritable Calculator and in case you input the right mystery key into the small scale PC… Blast App Hider home showed up.

64-bits Supported:

For specific customers of WhatsApp and Telegram. You need to acquaint a little assistance library with run WhatsApp and Telegram which is simply on 64-bits mode.

64bits sponsorships library

Android 8 Oreo Bolstered:

How to conceal application?

Import the application which you have to stow away into App Hider.

Dispatch the cloned application in application hider to guarantee the clone is working splendidly.

Uninstall the beginning stage application from your device. By and by you can simply dispatch that application from App hider

Does every application can be cloned in App Hider?

We don’t know since we can not test them all. In any case, you can endeavor just twofold the application twofold Whatsapp twofold Facebook. You will lose nothing endeavoring to twofold the applications.

Feel permitted to email us If you find some application isn’t working suitably with App Hider

Why there is sees begins from the hiden or twofold WhatsApp?

You can kill the hid application notice from our App Hider setting.

How to stow away application hider itself?

Tap Protect App Hider image in App Hider Home

Arrangement your mystery expression.

At that point in almost no time. Application Hider will change into a Calculator.

Open the Calculator and tap your mystery expression then your App Hider Home show up.

Application Characteristics:

1.Hide all presented applications (No ROOT Obtaining)

2.Password protection(When the first time,need to make the mystery expression)

3.Supports hiding any applications used on convenient phones(Easy way stow away applications)

4.Hidden application can be used in the Dialer Vault, moreover use the basic interface in the phone.

5.Open the application just standard smaller than usual PC , if don’t understand mystery state can’t use the Dialer Vault.

6.Hide Notifications ,pull out in 3 mode all/essentially number/none

7.Hide applications from recents

8.Gallery Module to conceal photos/pictures(Protect your riddle photos/pictures,avoid others find them)

9.Add backup course of action to hiden camera(use the hider’s worked in camera to take private photos)


10.Hide Videos and play Video۔

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