Lives: Chandrayaan 2 Landing Updates

Chandrayaan-2 landing live refreshes: Hectic exercises at Isro checking focus

Forty-seven days after it left Earth, Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram will choose the definite landing spot on Moon when it would be 100m over the lunar surface somewhere in the range of 1.30am and 2.30am on Saturday. On the off chance that all goes well, it’ll contact down 78 seconds after the fact. Remain here for every single live update

Lives Chandrayaan 2 Landing Updates

The five engines on board Vikram will push the lander in reverse direction in order to break the free fall and reduce its speed, therefore the lander is bound to be shaky: Isro chief Sivan

The last 15 minutes during the final descent of the lander will be the most terrifying moments as we will be handling this operation for the first time: Isro chief Sivan

Vikram lander will land on Moon at 1.53am: Isro chairman Sivan

  • Important timestamps to note for tonight’s Vikram Lander touchdown
  • 01.38 am: Rough Braking Start 
  • 01.48 am: Fine Braking Start
  • 01.50 am: Local Navigation Start
  • 01.52 am: First image of the Moon’s surface to be sent to Earth
  • 01.53 am: Vikram Touchdown
  • 03.53 am: Pragyan Ramp Deployment
  • 04.23 am: Pragyan ON
  • 05.03 am: Pragyan Solar Panel deployment
  • 05.19 am: Pragyan Rover roll down
  • 05.29 am: Pragyan Rover Touchdown
  • 05.45 am: Vikram Imaging by Pragyan

What do we think about the Pragyan wanderer?

The Pragyan wanderer will leave the solace of the Lander module at around 5.30 am tomorrow first thing. The meanderer has a mission life of 14 Earth days (one Lunar day) and is required to go around 500 m through the span of those days. The two essential logical instruments onboard Pragyan will think about the mineral and substance structure of the moon. It will likewise search for hints of water in the for all time shadowed districts of the moon.

No one’s been to the moon’s south shaft previously and researchers are trusting that given its flawless nature, there may be intimations to what the close planetary system resembled in its initial years.

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