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Bhangra Paa Le (2020)

Bhangra Paa Le Movie Review: Good actors try to keep it afloat, script disappoints

STORY: Both Jaggi and Simi have been harboring the fantasy about winning Amritsar’s greatest between college bhangra rivalry for their individual colleges (who likewise happen to be main adversaries). Be that as it may, in the midst of endless talk and bhangra beats, the strange couple discovers love. With emotions saturating their lives excluded, will their get-up-and-go to win a definitive challenge – Bhangra Battle in London – assume a lower priority?

Bhangra Paa Le (2020) Full Movie

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Audit: They are poles separated as people – one is amazingly focused on the battleground and the other is profoundly regional essentially. In any case, it is their common love and enthusiasm for the desi move structure bhangra that brings Punjabi little towner Jaggi Singh (Sunny Kaushal) and Amritsar’s ‘best female bhangra artist’ Simi Kohli (debutante Rukshar Dhillon) closer, and ties these deviants together. She has the moves and demeanor of a western artist and he has the energy of a ‘pind’ kid and, in spite of the fact that affection’s come thumping at their entryways, the co uple’s never going to budge on overcoming one another and making their individual families glad. Debutante chief Sneha Taurani’s ‘Bhangra Paa Le’ is the inward clash run of the mill in darlings when they are set in opposition to each other, in the battlefield of affection and by and large life.

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The plotline of this dramedy is isolated into equal parts, with the backstory following its inception right to the World War II period. Radiant, as the marvelous looked at hillbilly attempting to become well known and his tribe, is charming and his exhibition is entertaining and moving in equivalent measures. Rukshar Dhillon, as the large city ‘it’ young lady, is certainly represented. Cinematographer Jitan Harmeet Singh merits an uncommon notice here in light of how flawlessly he has caught the guiltlessness of wide-open Punjab and juxta situated with the sorted out bedlam that is Amritsar. The music, as well, is lively – something one would expect out of a move based movie.

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The genuine problem is the manner by which love blooms between these two, as their science is incredibly powerless on-screen, accordingly making the film irrelevant for most parts. Indeed, Sunny offers a more grounded compatibility with his other parallel love intrigue Nimo (Shriya Pilgaonkar) than Rukshar’s Simi. Essayist Dheeraj Rattan has prepared a frail story and after a point, ‘Bhangra Paa Le’ feels like a mess of other move movies we have viewed in the ongoing past. Debutante chief Sneha Taurani needs to sharpen her aptitudes behind the camera and the lengthy account just exacerbates the situation for her story. For a movie that gloats of Bhangra as its USP, the movement of this energetic move structure looks quite frail and predictable.

Aside from the not too bad exhibitions of its lead on-screen characters and a cheerful soundtrack, ‘Bhangra Paa Le’ has the same old thing to offer.


Jaggi, who hails from a Punjabi foundation, needs to display Bhangra on a major stage as he is profoundly appended to the move structure. The film features a college contention where they contend with one another to win the worldwide move rivalry.


 Sneha Taurani


 Dheeraj Rattan


 Mark Bennington, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Sunny Kaushal


Mark Bennington Mark Bennington Henderson
Shriya Pilgaonkar Shriya Pilgaonkar
Sunny Kaushal Sunny Kaushal
Naila Grewal Naila Grewal
Rukshar Dhillon Rukshar Dhillon (as Rukhsar Dhillon)
Sunit Razdan Sunit Razdan Subedar Karim
Jashan Singh Kohli Jashan Singh Kohli Cadet
Ravinder Pawar Ravinder Pawar Lakha

Bhangra Paa Le (2020) From Here – 480p, 720p Full HD

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