100% Kadhal Full HD Movie Leaked | Tamilrockers 2019

Tamilrockers releases 100% Kadhal movie on the web: M Chandramouli directorial 100% Kadhal, the change of the blockbuster Telugu movie 100% Love, has turned into the most recent casualty of robbery site Tamilrockers.

The recently discharged GV Prakash starrer, 100% Kadhal, has discovered its way to the theft site, Tamilrockers. The film, which hit the screens on October 4, additionally stars Shalini Pandey and Sathish in the number one spot jobs.

100% Kadhal Full HD Movie Leaked

Coordinated by M. M. Chandramouli, 100% Kadhal is a change of the Telugu film 100% Love, which featured Naga Chaitanya and Tamannaah ahead of the pack jobs.

The theft site has been an agony for generation houses for a couple of years now. It has leaked a few major spending movies this year. Hindi film War has likewise turned into a casualty of this robbery stage. The site additionally leaked the most recent scenes of TV appears and numerous English movies.

In spite of stringent laws and a high court request blocking comparable theft center points, Tamilrockers has not quit being a troublemaker. The site continues changing its space expansion each and every time. It can likewise be gotten to through intermediary servers.

100% Kadhal got across the board analysis from all corners. Indianexpress.com’s Subhakeerthana S gave the film one star and said its the most exceedingly terrible film she saw in 2019. In her audit, she expressed, “Had the creators titled the film, ‘100% desire or 100% horse crap’, it would have seemed well and good. This revamp offers no purpose behind its reality, I think. Until further notice, 100% Kadhal is my pick for the most noticeably awful movie I found in all of 2019”.

She proceeds, “Balu is more quick to investigate Mahalakshmi’s navel than everything else. Then again, she’s anxious to provoke Balu and make an object out of everything. I have never observed two lead characters with so a lot of instability “sentiment” each other in Tamil film. 100% Kadhal is dormant. It has no character advancement, no genuine plot and no story. What’s all the more shocking is obliviousness and the obvious absence of exertion by the executive, who appears to be ignorant regarding how things are displayed on the screen”.

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Cast overview:
G.V. Prakash Kumar G.V. Prakash Kumar Balu Mahendra
Shalini Pandey Shalini Pandey Mahalakshmi
Shivani Patel Shivani Patel
Nassar Nassar
Jayachitra Jayachitra
Rekha Rekha
Manobala Manobala
Thalaivasal Vijay Thalaivasal Vijay
R.V. Udayakumar R.V. Udayakumar
Rajeev Baskaran Rajeev Baskaran


100% Kadhal Review

On this careful day a year ago, I plunked down invigorated before my workstation, set to type the survey for a romantic tale that blended my spirit – 96. Along these lines, it is just about an infinite disaster that 100% Kadhal (the revamp of a Telugu film), a hopeless lighthearted comedy, featuring GV Prakash and Shalini Pandey, would discharge a year later, always scarring this day (and my psyche).

Here is the place we for the most part caution perusers of spoilers that will pursue, however thinking about that the sole motivation behind this movie is to demolish your state of mind and ruin your day, it scarcely merits this mercy. 100% Kadhal (increasingly like 100% Nonsense) pursues the adoration loathe connection between its leads Balu (GV Prakash), a self-announced virtuoso, and Mahalakshmi (Shalini), his cousin from a town in Coimbatore. The two of them go to a similar building school in Chennai, a supernatural occurrence, taking into account that Mahalakshmi in her presentation scene guarantees that 2*2 is 5.

Balu, then again, has constantly positioned first as long as he can remember and plans to keep his reputation untainted in school. He professes to think in logarithmic formulae, a few of which are jotted on his roof and dividers. But, the main recipe the school topper is heard presenting in the movie is a + b entire square, the response for which all of us learned in class 5. His supposed virtuoso aside, Balu has a few other remarkable attributes. He is narrow-minded, self-retained, misanthropic, genuinely injurious, desirous, irascible, narcissistic…well, you get the float.

To put it plainly, he is definitely not a saint.

Be that as it may, this does little to prevent Mahalakshmi from falling head over heels in affection with him. Does Shalini Pandey really read contents before she picks a film, or is her lone criteria that her character should sentiment a damaging man? In the event that truly, she has made a 100% showing on this one.

From the earliest starting point, Balu makes it a propensity to torment the young lady. When she requests his assistance with a subject, he says “There is no requirement for ladies to think about. You will discover a man who has trudged in school, found a decent line of work, gaining cash and wed him.”

When she incidentally crushes into him when the bicycle hits a speed-breaker, he gives her talk on Sigmund Freud’s fascination hypothesis. In any case, minutes after the fact, he is seen gazing at Mahalakshmi when she is dozing, and pondering whether the state of a circle was created while gazing at a lady’s navel.

On the off chance that executive MM Chandramouli had given a fraction of the time spent on concentrating the camera on Shalini’s navel to the content, possibly the movie would have been acceptable.

In any case, to compound the situation, Balu proceeds to contact her navel, terrifying her out of her trance. Unmistakably in every one of the books he read, no one disclosed inappropriate behavior to him. And keeping in mind that he advantageously accuses his hand, it is presently Mahalakshmi’s go to recount the captivation hypothesis with a smile. Since let’s be honest, she is no injured individual in this movie. The chief and the cast have all intrigued to make the group of spectators the people in question.

What else can clarify a scene where Mahalakshmi tops her tests when she is by all accounts ailing in rudimentary Mathematics. Or on the other hand how she could be enamored with a man who attempts to put her down for fixing her class and rather attempts to get the family to concentrate on her ‘character’ since she got an affection letter from a colleague?

While Balu gets no reprisal for his misanthropic conduct, Mahalakshmi is totally infantilized. Indeed, even her companions in the film, with whom she examines her concern, are a lot of 10-year-old youngsters. What’s more, what is genuinely disturbing is the manner in which she keeps on demanding adoring Balu, in spite of the maltreatment she perseveres.

The chief even thought that it was fit to connect a thing tune in the film when the couple goes to go to a TEMPLE FESTIVAL with their GRANDFATHER. To the extent the remainder of the group is concerned, you can just ask why gifted entertainers, for example, Nasser and Jayachitra would even need to be related to such a film. Indeed, even the parody successions are grinding, and the main joke in the three-hour film is on you, for watching it. Essentially, 100% Kadhal is certainly a topper – on the rundown of most exceedingly awful movies made for the current year.

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