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Gul Makai (2020) Full Movie From Here – 360p, 480p, 720p Full HD

Gul Makai Movie Review

Nobel prize champ Malala Yousafzai – at 14 she was the most youthful individual to get the Nobel Harmony Prize – endure an assault on her life and developed as a more grounded voice of difference against the powers of Taliban. The Swat Valley in North-Western Pakistan where she lived was absolutely under the burden of the Taliban who were dead against common instruction for young ladies. Malala blogged for the BBC Urdu administration under the pen name Makai, the name of a champion from a Pashtun society story. In 2012 an activist boarded her school transport and opened fire, injuring her just like two of her companions. She was taken to a military emergency clinic and was later travelled to Birmingham for additional treatment. The opportune activity spared her life.

Gul Makai (2020) Full Movie

Hers is a motivating life to be sure and credit to chief H.E. Amjad Khan for endeavouring to exhibit it. His heart positively was in the perfect spot when he began the venture. It experienced extreme improvement damnation and took numerous years really taking shape and subsequently the finished result is an incoherent bit of work.

Scrupulousness was painfully absent. For example, in a scene where reading material was being singed by the aggressors one could see that they were of Navneet Productions. How hard would it say it was to procure some real Pakistani coursebooks? A few characters talk with a particular Marathi complement and even seem as though they have a place with Maharashtra police instead of being individuals from the Pakistani armed force. Rather than making a movie about a delicate young lady the chief has decided to give it a masala potboiler treatment. The fear-mongers sneak around conveying immense firearms like B motion picture scoundrels executing anybody they loathe spontaneously. What’s more, the entire counter-strike by the Pakistani armed force gets such a lot of glorification that you have a feeling that you’re watching a war film. It’s Uri section two however with Pak armed force as the saint. We’re certain that wasn’t the chief’s arm.

After you get over the stun of coincidentally watching a war film under the pretense of viewing a Nobel Laureate’s biopic, you save an idea towards Atul Kulkarni and Divya Dutta, two everlastingly proficient on-screen characters being able to transcend vapid contents. They play Malala’s dad and mom and have given the film all that they have and that’s just the beginning. The scene where they separate hearing updates on an assault on her finds a good pace. Newcomer Reem Shaikh makes a decent attempt to become Malala however the exertion appears.

There is a clasp from a discourse by the genuine Malala toward the end credits which offers more effect about the instruction of young ladies worldwide than this two-hour film since it indicated an individual’s passionate longing to realize a change. Unfortunately that force was missing right now of occasions.


Fear is like an elastic band. You stretch the band inside of your mind and it keeps expanding, till one moment it snaps or you cut it for it to break. ‘Gul Makai’ is such a story, a story of courage that overcame fear and oppression. ‘Gul Makai’ accounts the courageous journey and struggle of Nobel laureate Malala Yousufzai, from her humble upbringing in the Swat Valley to her becoming the champion for free education to all. ‘Gul Makai’ is a small tribute to this lion-hearted girl who is in every essence a global citizen championing a cause that transcends boundaries, caste, religion and geography.


 Amjad Khan


 Bhaswati Chakrabarty (dialogue), Bhaswati Chakrabarty (research)


 Reem Shaikh, Divya Dutta, Atul Kulkarni


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Reem Shaikh Reem Shaikh Malala Yousafzai
Divya Dutta Divya Dutta Toor Pekai Yousafzai
Atul Kulkarni Atul Kulkarni Ziauddin Yousafzai
Om Puri Om Puri General Kayani
Abhimanyu Singh Abhimanyu Singh Hakimullah Mehsud
Arif Zakaria Arif Zakaria Sufi Mohammed
Mukesh Rishi Mukesh Rishi Radio Mulla Fazalullah
Kamlesh Gill Kamlesh Gill Malala’s Grandmother
Sharib Hashmi Sharib Hashmi Ataullah Khan
Chandra Shekhar Dutta Chandra Shekhar Dutta Muslim Khan (as Chandrashekhar Dutta)
Prateek Parmar Prateek Parmar Atif sayyed / Pakistani army captain
Ganesh Yadav Ganesh Yadav Gem Sanaullah Khan
Ravi Kale Ravi Kale Army Officer
Pankaj Tripathi Pankaj Tripathi Beitullah Mehsud
Amjad Khan Amjad Khan Zahid Khan

Gul Makai (2020) From Here – 480p, 720p Full HD

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